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Is There A Domestic Violence Protective Order Against You?

Domestic violence accusations or charges are serious matters that need to be handled as quickly as possible. It doesn’t take a conviction to have this criminal matter derail your life and wreck your reputation. If you have discovered that a protective order has been placed against you, it is critical that you speak with a knowledgeable legal guide before talking with any other party.

At the Law Office of Dwight Burton, PLLC, we have successfully defended countless Bowling Green residents against a variety of charges, including domestic violence offenses. Dwight Burton, our criminal defense attorney, has compiled an impressive record of results for our firm’s clients. He understands how local courts operate and how prosecutors develop their cases. He will use his insight to defend your reputation and your rights.

What You Need To Know About Protective Orders

Charges of domestic violence can be filed by a member of a household or someone in a domestic relationship, including:

  • Child
  • Spouse
  • Relative
  • Girlfriend/boyfriend
  • Ex-spouse

In most cases, charges often result in a judge granting an emergency protective order against the accused. Whether you are accused of stalking, violent assault or another form of domestic violence, it is important to seek the effective legal guidance that our firm provides.

At the Law Office of Dwight Burton, PLLC, we believe that it is important to pursue the best possible results for our clients. If you are accused of domestic violence, you will need to pursue aggressive action to avoid a conviction. In Kentucky, the penalties are very harsh and can ruin your reputation. Contact us today for legal guidance!

Kentucky’s Domestic Violence Laws

Under Kentucky law, there are many statutes that cover the criminal act of domestic violence, including:

  • Kentucky Revised Statutes § 403.763 – Violation of protective order
  • Kentucky Revised Statutes § 403.760 – Mandatory arrest warrant for violation of order
  • Kentucky Revised Statutes § 508.032 – Enhancement of sentence with a third conviction within three years

Although there is no mandatory arrest law for the initial suspicion of domestic violence, Kentucky has a law for mandatory arrest if probable cause exists for a violation of a domestic violence order. If you have been charged with the crime of domestic violence, you have a lot at stake.

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