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Foreclosure Defense In Bowling Green

Foreclosure is the process by which your home is taken away from you as the result of missed mortgage payments. If you believe that your home is going into foreclosure, you should take immediate defensive actions and schedule a free case evaluation with our Bowling Green attorney. Bankruptcy can be used as a powerful defense tool to fight foreclosure. Whether you file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, foreclosure actions will need to stop and a “stay” will be set in place.

Bowling Green Bankruptcy Lawyer

When you are facing foreclosure, it can be a very trying experience because of the prospect of losing your home and placing your family in difficult circumstances. At the Law Office of Dwight Burton, PLLC, we understand the fear that you are facing and want to help you navigate the legal aspects of the situation. We can discuss the various defensive strategies available, especially if your loan servicer has engaged in abusive behavior or failed to comply with federal and/or state laws. Whether you have lost your job or are facing another financial issue, we want to help you develop a strategy to resolve the issue.

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A few different defenses to foreclosure may prove effective in helping you out of the challenge that you face regarding foreclosure actions. During a free case assessment, we can determine whether any of the following defenses may apply to your case:

  • Terms of the mortgage are unconscionable
  • Foreclosing party did not follow state procedures
  • You are a military service member on active duty

At the Law Office of Dwight Burton, PLLC, we serve clients throughout central Kentucky with a variety of bankruptcy issues. We provide the personalized legal guidance that our clients can rely on when they pursue a resolution to their foreclosure issue. Contact us at your earliest convenience! You can reach us at 270-238-1929 or by using our online contact form.