DUI Defense Strategies


Regardless of the type of legal issue that is at hand, you will want to obtain the legal assistance of an experienced and reputable Bowling Green lawyer to assist you through the matter. As a solo practitioner, Attorney Dwight Burton is devoted to providing clients with the personal attention they need to achieve successful results. We can help clients with a variety of matters that pertain to bankruptcy and criminal defense.

Individuals who have become overwhelmed with debt and are seeking a fresh start with their finances can look to us for assistance with filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We also help individuals who are navigating a contract dispute or another circumstance that requires litigation. With a background as a public defender for two years prior to opening the Law Offices of Dwight Burton, PLLC, our Bowling Green attorney can help you resolve your criminal charge in Bowling Green, Kentucky.


Attorney Burton has been accepted for membership in the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. With a reputation of success, you can look to us for the best possible outcome that you deserve. We can help you get a new start on your finances or help you get out of a legal battle after being arrested on suspicion of committing a criminal offense. If you are looking for a lawyer who is knowledgeable in the area of bankruptcy, look no further than our firm. With an undergraduate degree in mathematics, Attorney Burton has the background and skills to help you become debt free and protect your assets.


At the Law Offices of Dwight Burton, PLLC, we provide our clients with the personal attention they deserve while navigating a legal issue. We offer our potential clients a free case evaluation to help them get started on their way to achieving a successful resolution. If you are wondering which route to take, we encourage you to speak with us and discuss your legal issue. We have a well-rounded legal practice and provide the personalized assistance you deserve.

When you contact the Law Offices of Dwight Burton, PLLC, you will speak directly with Attorney Dwight Burton. From the free case evaluation to all other portions of the case, you can benefit from the personal attention of our Bowling Green attorney. If you are in need of an attorney who is dedicated to your success and to helping you fight for your rights, look no further than our firm. Contact us today for the representation you deserve whether you are facing an issue involving bankruptcy or criminal defense.