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Zealous Defense Representation For Bowling Green Area Students Charged With Crimes

College is a wonderful time in the lives of young people, but it is also filled with dangers. Students are experiencing newfound levels of freedom and testing their boundaries while failing to realize that they may face adult consequences if they break the law. In addition to criminal penalties such as jail time and hefty fines, students who have been convicted of a crime can also be kicked out of school, lose scholarships and suffer other academic consequences.

If you or your college-aged child has been charged with a crime in the Bowling Green area, then you cannot afford to face these challenges alone. Instead, contact the Law Office of Dwight Burton, PLLC. Our attorney brings more than 15 years of experience to each case as well as an aggressive and determined approach to protecting the rights and freedoms of each client.

Common Offenses And Charges Among Kentucky College Students

College students can be charged with any criminal offense, but some are far more common than others. The most frequently charged “college crimes” are those related to:

Because these offenses often have academic consequences as well as criminal ones, it is important to act quickly and seek the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer like Dwight Burton.

Advocating For Parents As Well As College Students

Were you awoken by a phone call letting you know that your child was arrested? This is a nightmare for any parent – especially when their child attends a school far from home. Thankfully, when you hire our lawyer, you’ll have a local advocate ready to step in and protect the rights of your student.

Attorney Burton is highly experienced in many aspects of criminal law. Because he was born and raised in Bowling Green, he is also familiar with local court practices and personnel as well as with the campus cultures at schools like Western Kentucky University and Southcentral Kentucky Community & Technical College. He understands that young people make mistakes and that those mistakes shouldn’t derail your child’s otherwise promising future.

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If you are a college student or the parent of a college student who was charged with a crime in the Bowling Green area, contact the Law Office of Dwight Burton, PLLC, today to discuss legal options and next steps during an initial consultation. To get started, call 270-238-1929 or submit an online contact form.