Everyone Has A Right To A Fresh Start

Declaring bankruptcy is no easy decision. Bankruptcy laws are in place to provide people a solution when their debts become too overwhelming, giving people across the country the ability to start fresh. Our firm has experience with numerous areas of debt relief and bankruptcy law, including:

Attorney Dwight Burton has a bachelor's degree in mathematics, and can help you understand the laws that pertain to your case so you can select the most appropriate path to financial freedom.

Protect Your Most Valuable Assets

Just because you declare bankruptcy doesn't mean you automatically lose all your hard-earned assets. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to reorganize your debt into more manageable payments, which lets you retain ownership of assets such as your home and car. For Chapter 7 bankruptcies, Kentucky has a specific set of bankruptcy exemptions that are useful to determine what property you will be able to keep.

Every case is unique, and our firm strives to offer personalized solutions and counsel. To get a better understanding of your options and how they will impact your assets, schedule a consultation at our office in Bowling Green.

Explore Your Options — Call Today

While Chapter 7 bankruptcy is most popular, as it allows you to eliminate a lot of debt at once, it may not be best for you. By discussing your situation and your needs, our knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer can offer personalized solutions that keep your interests in mind.

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